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It’s quite simple to decide what to eat when you go to a restaurant, but how do you decide what variety of options to put on your own menu? I help my clients figure out the permutations and combinations that work, from reducing the workload on your kitchen staff to presenting world-class dishes on the table. Since the menu dictates everything from the equipment, look, feel and the  staffing needs, I ensure that the menu designed is strategically planned and does all the hard work for you, rather than the other way round. Part of my menu engineering also deals with adding special offers and creating a specialty menu for an occasion or a promotion.

So your menu is made and your kitchen staff delivers near perfect food each time. However, you wouldn’t want your restaurant to be good only for a season, right? This is where we come in. We help you right from removing dishes that aren’t really doing well to adding something interesting to an existing dish making the regular customer perk up and take notice.

Whether you have one restaurant or aim to have a hundred, surrounding yourself with the best personnel is truly what separates you from your competitors. Hiring the best employees for your restaurant and providing training to improve and develop their skills is also what a part of my job is. I will also set up preliminary interviews for you, and help you weed out candidates that don’t fit your specific requirements.

Part of my menu engineering also deals with adding special offers and creating a specialty menu for an occasion or a promotion. Just as headlines, colorful photos and bold fonts lead us to read certain newspaper articles over others, the layout and design of a menu influence customers’ ordering decisions. I can help turn your menu into a communication tool and create a pleasing ensemble that your customers will find both useful and intriguing.



Curating food for special events like corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It’s the food which makes an event memorable and we create everlasting memories.

The best meals come peppered with stories: the inside joke, the untold anecdote, childhood memories. Conduct cooking workshops/ classes for travellers in my home kitchen.


Need a one stop shop to set up a new restaurant or bar? My team of experts and I will aid you right from kitchen planning to menu development, and food photography to menu design. We will take care of everything for you.


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